Businesses Still Requesting ESOS Assessments

Very pleased to find businesses are still contacting our ESOS assessor and asking him to complete their ESOS audits and ESOS assessments, even though the original deadline for confirming compliance with the ESOS regulations was on 5th December 2015.

Fenn Utilities ESOS assessmentsThe majority of our clients are based in London and the South East but we actually work over a much wider area. 

Most larger businesses have a number of sites, which are often spread around the country.

A typical ESOS assessment may take from 6 or 7 days, for small organisations, to many months, for larger businesses and organisations, from start to finish.  As it takes a lot of detailed work to comply with all the ESOS rules and regulations.

The Environment Agency seem to have adopted a fairly forgiving approach and provided some additional leeway, to allow businesses and organisations additional time to complete their ESOS reports. 

The financial penalties for failing to comply with the ESOS regulations are severe.

So any businesses or organisation wondering if they need to complete an ESOS assessment are advised to contact Stephen, our MEI Chartered Energy Manager and registered ESOS Assessor, as soon as possible :

03 March 2016

ESOS Success - Large Business Energy Savings Opportunities Identified

Major opportunities for companies to dramatically reduce their business energy bills and achieve substantial savings are being found found by our ESOS Assessor. 

Have a look at the article here : Energy Savings steps

Locate East Sussex, an organisation helping businesses expand, obtain finance or relocate to Sussex report on the progress made by Fenn Utilities in helping larger companies and organisations complete their ESOS audits and ESOS assessments.

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme is a mandatory scheme for around 10,000 larger businesses and organisations employing over 250 staff. 

ESOS has been very successful in helping improve efficiency and cutting overheads, by providing businesses with an in depth analysis and understanding of how to cut costs and improve profit margins.

24 February 2016

DEFRA release details of the ESOS Participants Confirming ESOS Compliance

The list shows 5,939 large businesses and organisations which had confirmed their ESOS compliance, for the new mandatory Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, by 29th January 2016.  Electricity Meter

It has been estimated around 10,000 of the largest businesses and organisations have to comply with the ESOS regulations, so possibly around 3,000 - 4,000 are now way behind.

The deadline was 5th December 2015, but a period of grace was granted until 29th January 2016.  Any companies which have still not confirmed they have completed their energy audits and ESOS assessments may now be prosecuted.

We are still receiving new ESOS enquiries and continuing to complete ESOS assessments. 

So if your business or organisation needs to comply with ESOS have a look at our ESOS page, then get in touch with Stephen, our registered ESOS Lead Assessor.

17 February 2016

ESOS Guide Front CoverSome larger businesses and organisations have been granted an extension until the middle of April 2016 to confirm their compliance with ESOS, the new mandatory Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme.

Our ESOS assessor has recently been receiving a number of new enquiries and requests for ESOS audits and ESOS assessments, from companies now facing potential fines of £50,000 for not complying with the ESOS regulations by 5th December 2015.

The ESOS Scheme requires a detailed assessment of opportunities to reduce energy consumption and make savings in energy used in transport, properties and processes.   Confirmation of ESOS compliance needs to be submitted online.

13 February 2016


Larger businesses in Sussex have been finding plenty of ways to significantly cut their energy bills

Energy Management2Locate East Sussex published an article about the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, ESOS, in which Fenn Utilities and the energy savings opportunities being discovered by our ESOS Lead Assessor, were mentioned.

"Larger businesses in Sussex have been finding plenty of ways to significantly cut their energy bills while complying with the new mandatory Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS).

East Sussex energy management consultants Fenn Utilities explained how this is the first time most of these large organisations have had to examine their energy use in such detail.

For many companies the energy savings potential has been a real eye opener.

Especially once they realise the amount of energy consumption which can be cut, with little or no effort or expenditure and savings going straight to the bottom line.

Large businesses and organisations, employing 250+ staff or with an annual turnover over 50 million euro and balance sheet exceeding 43 million euro, have to participate in the ESOS Scheme."

Read the full article on the Locate East Sussex website :

9th February 2016