Businesses Still Requesting ESOS Assessments

Very pleased to find businesses are still contacting our ESOS assessor and asking him to complete their ESOS audits and ESOS assessments, even though the original deadline for confirming compliance with the ESOS regulations was on 5th December 2015.

Fenn Utilities ESOS assessmentsThe majority of our clients are based in London and the South East but we actually work over a much wider area. 

Most larger businesses have a number of sites, which are often spread around the country.

A typical ESOS assessment may take from 6 or 7 days, for small organisations, to many months, for larger businesses and organisations, from start to finish.  As it takes a lot of detailed work to comply with all the ESOS rules and regulations.

The Environment Agency seem to have adopted a fairly forgiving approach and provided some additional leeway, to allow businesses and organisations additional time to complete their ESOS reports. 

The financial penalties for failing to comply with the ESOS regulations are severe.

So any businesses or organisation wondering if they need to complete an ESOS assessment are advised to contact Stephen, our MEI Chartered Energy Manager and registered ESOS Assessor, as soon as possible :

03 March 2016