DEFRA release details of the ESOS Participants Confirming ESOS Compliance

The list shows 5,939 large businesses and organisations which had confirmed their ESOS compliance, for the new mandatory Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, by 29th January 2016.  Electricity Meter

It has been estimated around 10,000 of the largest businesses and organisations have to comply with the ESOS regulations, so possibly around 3,000 - 4,000 are now way behind.

The deadline was 5th December 2015, but a period of grace was granted until 29th January 2016.  Any companies which have still not confirmed they have completed their energy audits and ESOS assessments may now be prosecuted.

We are still receiving new ESOS enquiries and continuing to complete ESOS assessments. 

So if your business or organisation needs to comply with ESOS have a look at our ESOS page, then get in touch with Stephen, our registered ESOS Lead Assessor.

17 February 2016