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The mandatory deadline for qualifying large businesses and organisations to confirm their ESOS compliance for the 3rd ESOS period is 5th December 2023.

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The ESOS Scheme has been very Successful !

ESOS has provided a tremendous breakthrough for many businesses and organisations.  We've been finding some great opportunities to help businesses reduce energy charges, whilst carrying out their ESOS audits and ESOS assessments.

The process of securing compliance with the first two ESOS periods has proved to be a valuable exercise, helping cut business overheads and increase profit margins.  Our ESOS Assessor has been helping organisations take advantage of the energy savings opportunities identified and prepare for their next ESOS compliance.

Stephen, our ESOS Assessor, analyses your energy consumption and energy charges before completing your ESOS Audits and ESOS Assessment.

Once your energy savings opportunities have been identified, your ESOS Report will be compiled so your business or organisation can confirm ESOS compliance, to meet the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme requirements.Fenn Utilities ESOS

ESOS Lead Assessor and ESOS Consultant

Stephen is an MEI Chartered Energy manager and is registered as an ESOS Assessor with the Energy Institute.  He's also an ISO 50001 energy management systems consultant and auditor.  With many years of experience, including managing energy in over 1,000 business, commercial and industrial sites.

How much will ESOS cost ?  

This depends on how your business or organisation uses energy, the size, locations and industry.  Once we have understood more about your energy use, we will provide you with a quotation for the work needed to complete your ESOS assessment, to enable you to confirm your compliance with the ESOS regulations.

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What is ESOS ?

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, ESOS, is a mandatory energy assessment scheme. Energy Savings steps Left

All businesses with 250+ employees have to participate in ESOS - as well as those with an annual turnover exceeding €50m and a balance sheet exceeding €43m or in a corporate group which includes a large enterprise

If your business or organisation has to comply with ESOS you are required to :

   1. Measure your total energy consumption

You must measure your total energy consumption across your buildings, transport and industrial activities or processes.  

   2. Complete energy audits to identify cost effective energy efficiency recommendations

You must ensure that at least 90% of your total energy consumption is subject to an ESOS compliant energy audit, a Display Energy Certificate or a certified ISO 50001 Energy Management System during each phase of the scheme.

Unless your total energy consumption is covered by a certified ISO 50001 Energy Management System, you must ensure that your ESOS Assessment is conducted or reviewed by a registered ESOS Lead Assessor.

   3. Confirm Compliance to Environment Agency before ESOS Compliance Period 2 Deadline

ESOS Guide Front Cover

The ESOS period 3 compliance date, the deadline for notifying the Environment Agency you have complied with the third phase of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), is 5th December 2023.

Every ESOS participant needs an ESOS Lead Assessor to help them comply with the ESOS Scheme.   See the Environment Agency's ESOS Guide for details of the fines and penalties for those organisations which fail to comply with the new ESOS Scheme legislation.

ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard Certification

If you have your energy management system certified, to confirm it meets the requirements of the ISO 50001 standard, this can provide compliance with the ESOS Scheme.  So ISO 50001 certification offers an alternative to paying for ESOS assessments each time.

Our MEI Chartered Energy Manager, ESOS and ISO 50001 consultant will be pleased to help you develop your energy management system and secure ISO 50001 certification.

Our ESOS Audit and ESOS Lead Assessor Service

If you need an ESOS consultant to help you complete your ESOS Assessment, require help to set up your ISO 50001 energy management system, would like to discuss the ESOS Scheme or for a free ESOS quotation please

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What are ESOS assessments ?

ESOS assessments include energy used in property, transport and industrial processes. So this could include, for example :

  • electricity and gas used in offices, shops and factory premises Commercial Gas Invoice
  • petrol and diesel used in directors' cars, sales reps' cars and delivery vehicles
  • manufacturing, printing, cooking, conveyor belts and packing

ESOS assessments include energy audits to understand where, when and how energy is used in your business or organisation.

ESOS assessments also identify cost effective opportunities to improve your energy efficiency or reduce energy consumption, which are listed in your ESOS report.

How can ESOS help you cut your energy costs ?

Most business understand how much their energy costs, but have never completed a detailed examination to learn where and how the energy is used - or to identify ways of cutting energy consumption.

Many of the energy saving opportunities we have identified can be introduced with little or no cost - or if investment is required with a relatively fast payback.

Do you have to implement the ESOS Scheme opportunities ?

No, the energy savings opportunities are simply to help you consider the possibilities, it is entirely up to your organisation to decide if you wish to introduce them.

ESOS Qualification Date

The qualification date for Phase 3 of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme is 31 December 2022.

But thousands of businesses and organisations needed to complete their ESOS assessments and energy audits, so they could confirm compliance before 5th December 2023.

Which means qualified ESOS Lead Assessors have been in high demand.  So you might have found it difficult to get the help you needed.

And no organisations which qualified would choose to miss the deadline - as there are penalties for those organisations which fail to comply with the ESOS regulations.

Starting your ESOS Assessments, ESOS Audits and ESOS Reports now

So, if you know you will qualify for ESOS Phase 3, there is no reason why you cannot start preparing now.

Reviewing your energy consumption records and completing energy audits on your larger energy supplies and energy consuming equipment now will help you begin the process and reduce the tasks which you need to complete before the deadline.


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and  Reduce Your Energy Overheads

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