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6,000 or 12,000 ESOS Notifications ? Still Counting !

Helped another business client complete their notification of ESOS compliance, as the final stage in the ESOS assessment process, which has to be submitted online using the Environment Agency's ESOS form.

This time an email came back with a reference number of just under 12,000, which possibly indicates how many organisations may need to register to confirm they have met all the ESOS requirements.Energy Savings steps Left

But several reports suggested only around 6,200 organisations had complied by mid-April 2016.  With a further 3,000 qualifying organisations failing to comply with ESOS and facing potential enforcement action and fines.

ESOS notification letters continue to be issued to chase them up.

Part of the confusion may be due to some companies registering their ESOS compliance independently of the rest of their group. So several ESOS notifications could be submitted for a large group, which would clearly push up the numbers.

My experience has been that quite a few UK subsidiary companies have no idea of all their sister companies or who their ultimate owners are, as their international group is so diverse and widespread.

But if one UK subsidiary qualifies for ESOS, then all their sister companies in the UK have to complete ESOS assessments as well, even though they would not qualify in their own right.  Which has obviously caused a lot of confusion !

So no doubt many companies still have no idea they need to complete ESOS audits and an ESOS assessment. 

I have started working on several new ESOS assessments recently, for clients who have only just discovered they need to comply. 

The deadline for confirming ESOS compliance on 5th December 2015 seems a long time ago now, but I am still just as busy as ever.

ESOS has helped thousands of businesses and organisations discover how they can reduce their energy overheads and increase efficiency.   So it has been a great success and a valuable exercise.

Every business and organisation has its own unique circumstances, history and different ways of using energy.  All with their individual and unique energy saving opportunities and challenges.

Through ESOS I have met and helped many wonderful new clients and found working as an ESOS assessor to be an absolutely fascinating, rewarding and enjoyable experience.  

Long may it continue !

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