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How can I help you secure your ESOS Period 3 Compliance ? 


Cut Business Energy Costs

Does your business or organisation have to complete an energy assessment for ESOS, the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

If you have 250 or more employees on 31st December 2022, which is the qualification date for ESOS Period 3, you almost certainly have to comply with this mandatory government scheme.

So you'll have needed some help from a registered ESOS Lead Assessor to complete your energy assessments, compile your ESOS report and confirm your compliance with the ESOS Period 3 regulations.

If your energy charges are a significant business expense your ESOS assessments and energy saving opportunities can help you to reduce your energy costs and raise your profit margins - securing ongoing benefits and savings, which continue year after year.

My aim is to help you get real benefit from your ESOS energy audits - to improve your energy efficiency, cut energy waste and gain a real competitive advantage.

By focusing on your needs, and avoiding technical jargon, your ESOS assessment report can add significant value to your business. 

With energy savings opportunities which drive down your energy overheads, improve energy efficiency and provide valuable savings.

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So let's see how you can use your ESOS audit, ESOS assessment and ESOS compliance period 3 to raise your business performance, increase energy efficiency, reduce energy costs and cut energy waste

 to discuss how I can help you with your ESOS compliance, reduce your business energy overheads and increase profit margins

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Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme - ESOS 


Business Energy SavingsAn experienced energy management consultant, Stephen has helped businesses improve energy management in over 1,000 sites. 

Helping identify problems, find solutions and introduce improvements which cut overheads and increase profits.

Working with businesses across a wide range of different industries, Stephen shows how the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme can be used to control and reduce energy charges.

Incorporating simple energy efficiency and energy savings principles can unlock hidden energy costs and unnecessary waste of resources. 

The financial benefits from reducing energy consumption and cutting energy overheads can continue year after year.  Providing valuable payback and lasting returns.

Having previously helped organisations secure compliance with the first ESOS phase, Stephen is now completing energy audits and assessments to help businesses work through ESOS Compliance Period 3.




what other businesses have to say.......

Kuoni Global Travel Services

"I was very impressed with Stephen's dedication and commitment to providing us with a personal service and to go the extra mile, which is why he was chosen as our ESOS consultant and ESOS assessor. Energy Efficiency Savings

Stephen offered competitive rates and has worked with us directly throughout the project, to ensure the consultancy service was of real value.

Stephen's work has been extremely detailed, thorough and professional.  He also did his utmost to ensure we achieved our ESOS compliance in time to meet the deadline.

His service and support, together with the wide range of energy savings advice and recommendations contained in our ESOS report were of great value and I look forward to using Stephen's services again in the future."

Carol Foley   Facilities Manager

Food Manufacturing Group, West Sussex

"Fenn Utilities have provided our expanding food production group with energy management services for the past twelve years

Electricity and gas are significant overheads for us and it is absolutely essential we receive professional help, guidance and support to give us confidence in our current and future energy costs. Industrial Gas Pipes Yellow

Fenn Utilities have negotiated considerable savings for us by securing competitive gas and electricity agreements across our multiple manufacturing sites on a regular basis.

They also help us with a wide range of other energy services including account administration, data management, infrastructure and suggesting how we can reduce our energy consumption. 

Their customer service and attention to detail has always been excellent and nothing is ever too much trouble.  

I can't praise Fenn Utilities highly enough for their support, services and professionalism."

Group Operations Director,  Major Food Manufacturing Group, Sussex

Furniture Manufacturer, East Sussex

"Fenn Utilities have been helping us manage the electricity and gas accounts for our various factories and offices since 2004.   They have worked hard to understand our business and reduce our energy charges, as well as providing valuable advice and great service. 

Commercial Gas Invoice
Their energy management services have made the sometimes rather daunting tasks of energy procurement and dealing with energy suppliers' accounts to be simple, straight forward processes.   

We have been very pleased and would recommend Fenn Utilities' services to any larger commercial organisation looking to save money and receive help to manage their business energy supplies."  

Finance Director,  Large Furniture Manufacturer, Sussex


National Retail Chain, Midlands

"I am writing to thank you for giving us a fantastic service in looking after our electricity accounts and taking control of the tendering process for us over the last ten years.Your advice has been invaluable in attaining extremely cost effective rates that you have negotiated on our behalf and especially during a period of dramatic price fluctuations over the last few years. Business Electricity Gas Quotations

Your management of our energy invoices for all our branches has also been exceedingly helpful and saved us a great deal of money; you have picked up a huge number of issues and resolved them on our behalf, with little involvement required from our end, in fact it is true to say that most of these would have been missed by us and no doubt we would have paid heavily for not securing your services.

We greatly appreciate the work you have completed and the expertise you have provided in the ten years you have been looking after these sites.

We would be very pleased to recommend your services to other businesses who could also benefit from your experience, knowledge and valuable expert advice, should this be required in the future."

Managing Director,  Large National Retail Chain, Midlands


for help to reduce energy charges in your business

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